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Supporting families and partners of loved ones who access indecent images .

The fantastic charity “Stop it Now!” has experienced a 50% increase in requests for support during the pandemic a BBC News article reveals today.

The rise in requests for help is something the team at ACTS FAST have also recognised as a result of the pressures of the pandemic, with service requests and capacity demand also increasing by an estimated 50%.

Thankfully ACTS FAST have been developing their services to try and meet this demand, so there is now more much-needed support for families in the Dorset area.

Sadly it is a reality that there is an increasing rate of families becoming aware that a partner or loved one has been viewing indecent images of children online. The reasons behind this illegal behaviour are often complex and conflicting, but this doesn’t help with the very complex pain and trauma that is left behind in the family. Often families can be left ripped apart as a result and it can be very hard to recover and learn to trust again.

Due to the very complex nature of such traumatic experiences for the whole family, ACTS FAST has developed a holistic, caring approach to helping the non-offending family members re-group and recover. The friendly team at ACTS FAST have a small team of qualified and experienced therapists who are able to provide the right sort of support at the right time.

They understand what’s going on and can help you make some sense of it all. Then, you can re-group and recover as family.

The ACTS FAST team understand the complexities of when an early morning police raid reveals such abhorrent behaviour from a once trusted and loved member of the family – this is a significantly traumatic discovery.

Thankfully, ACTS FAST work as part of The Survivors Trust and alongside police referral teams and other fantastic organisations. They are ideally placed to support families and help them make some sense of the traumatic experiences and how they will move their lives forward. It’s this very human, very practical level of support which sets ACTS FAST apart from others.

A family are often left with little to no decent, high quality support and it’s this void which ACTS FAST does an excellent job at filling in Dorset. The team know the value of personal, specialist support – not just basic or short term therapy – but genuine, long term skilled care.

Finding the right sort of support for you at the right time is key, so by providing a different sort of therapeutic care and practical support, ACTS FAST are seeing incredibly high rates of positive long term recovery.

To read about the experiences of a family in a similar situation you can view the BBC News article here.

To speak to someone and start the next chapter of your journey, contact the friendly, professional team on 01202 797217 or

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