ACTS FAST are a specialist team of caring professionals who compassionately care for parents/carers and families who have been affected by CSA (child sexual abuse) and IVOII. 

We believe nobody fits in a box, but we offer compassionate support to families in 2 highly specialised ways:


  1. Supporting the parents/carers of children who have been sexually abused.

  2. Supporting non-offending parents/carers whose loved one has accessed indecent images.

We work with a large range of partners and statutory agencies across the UK, supporting families who are living with the consequences of CSA and accessing indecent images. We take referrals on a very regular basis and often parents/carers get in contact because they had nowhere else to turn to for help.


ACTS FAST registered as a UK charity in 2014 and since then has been on an evolving journey to provide person centred therapeutic support to help families get back to thriving again. Everyone's journey is different, so we stand with families for as long as our support is still helpful; empowering parents/carers who in turn support their children.

At the moment we don't tend to support children directly because there is usually some statutory provision across the UK. We strategically support parents so that they can go on to support their child themselves. Parents/carers know their child best and are usually their primary caregiver - so it makes sense to support the caregiver, because they often can't get support from anyone else.

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We believe families need special support when recovering from the affects of CSA and IVOII - we stand alongside them for support.


Our Mission

We're here to support families who have been affected by CSA and indecent images, providing therapeutic support, counselling and psychological training.

We provide early support so that parents, carers and families can recover and thrive again in shorter amounts of time, helping limit any negative impact.

We empower parents and carers with skills, understanding, compassion and holistic care to support themselves and their children.

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Our Vision

To live in a world free of CSA and the painful fallout from when people access indecent images.

Increasingly becoming the UK leader in trauma informed therapeutic support for families affected by CSA and the accessing of indecent images of children.

We want to change the standard of support for families so that they receive specialist care, can access support in a timely manner and be equipped to thrive again.


We will be the organisation that brings hope to families going through some of their darkest times.

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Our Values



Honesty and integrity

Empowering and equipping


Excellence in equality

Nurturing well-being

Helping fulfil potential

Protecting Justice

Embracing Joy

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As a small UK registered charity, we want to steward and handle all our resources in the best way possible. It is increasingly expensive and challenging to successfully operate as a UK charity, but we have a fantastic board of trustees who help us do just that. Our current boars of trustees:

Simone Walls-Macdonald - acting Chair

Noel Spreadbury MBE - Treasurer

Dr Terri Cole (BU) - Trustee

Dr Ching-Yu Huang (Keele) - Trustee

We are currently looking to recruit and grow our fantastic team, so if you or someone you know would like to bring their professional skills to support our team, please get in touch.

Registered UK charity number: 1157675