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Our Support

ACTS FAST supports the Secondary Victims through traumatic events associated with child sexual abuse, sexual assault and child sexual exploitation. We support the following people:


  1. Non-abusive parents /carers and adult family members of children who have suffered Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) or sexual assault

  2. Adult family members and partners of individuals who have accessed Indecent Images of Children (IIOC).

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The support we offer:

We also provide a wide range of flexible mental health and trauma informed training for professionals and businesses on a bespoke basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

How To Get Support

​​You don't have to know what you need, sometimes it just helps to start talking to someone who understands.

If you're wanting some support please get in contact.


Complete the referral form (below) and email it to If you're having difficulty filling it in or emailing us please call us and we can go through the form on the phone.


Once we receive your referral form one of our team will get back to you letting you know we've received it and we'll double check we have all the information we need.


We will then get back to you, offer you a selection of assessment dates and get you booked in for an assessment. In the assessment we can work out if we are the right service for you right now.

There is no obligation to go any further, and our support is always confidential and non-judgemental.


Although we hate talking about money, we'll ask you to indicate if you're able to make a contribution to the support you receive. Please be assured that your financial situation should never be a reason to prevent you accessing our specialist support - you can reach out in confidence.

Just so you are aware ACTS FAST will not work with someone currently being investigated for, or who has been convicted of child sexual abuse, sexual violence, sexual assault, domestic abuse or accessing indecent images of children.

For our support services we require clients to be in a safe place and ready and able to engage with our support. This means there are exceptions to who we can support within our services.


We will not work in any of our services with the following clients:


  • Someone who is receiving therapy from another organization, we ask that the client stops or put on hold other therapeutic support whilst we are working with them.

  • Someone with severe mental health vulnerabilities.

  • Someone with an active substance dependency (alcohol/drugs).


Our Counselling Service and Brighter Futures Project will not work with any client who is:


  • Currently in a domestic abuse relationship.

  • Someone who is currently in a refuge

  • We are unable to work with individuals who are pregnant, support will not begin until the baby is 6 months old.


Where we can we will signpost and help a client get the support they need if we are not able to support them at this moment in time.


Our Charges

We want to help every family that's been affected by CSA or discovered a loved one has been accessing indecent images. Our specialist support works, but it costs the charity to run. To help, we ask for a donation from our clients for our one to one counselling and our group support work. We wish we didn't have to, but without contributions, the charity simply wouldn't exist and we couldn't help anyone.


We don't want a lack of finances to stop anyone getting help either, so if your looking for help and would find it challenging to donate anything to the charity - please speak to us in confidence before you get disheartened!

Scope Of Our Support

We're here to help families recover from the devastating impacts of CSA or when a family member is discovered to have been accessing indecent images. We offer non-judgemental support to non-offending family members in a range of settings and in different format's - all to help support the journey of recovery to thrive again.


Our approach is to remain person centred, therefore we will discuss clear aims, objectives and expectations before we support any client - because it's important everyone is committed and understands the scope of support.

Our support takes place in a variety of ways:

In Person

Giving Hope.

My world was turned upside down. ACTS FAST was the only place I felt safe to talk about what I was going through without fear of judgment. I didn’t feel like I deserved any help as I was feeling so guilty, that I failed to protect my child.

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