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Family Portrait

Helping families impacted by child sexual abuse and indecent images.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Happy Family

Our Goal

For strong, safe, stable families where children can grow, and parents/carers can thrive.


We provided trauma and therapeutic support to the parents/carers of sexually abused children to help them thrive again. We also support families where there has been a police investigation relating to indecent images of children – supporting the non-offending parent/carer to cope with the impact.

We support parents/carers through the complex feelings of isolation and loneliness that often come when CSA has occurred. We understand the challenges, the impact it has on the whole family and how life-changing this sort of disclosure can be.


We also support families who have experienced "The Knock" when police are investigating a family member for accessing indecent images.

We help parents and families re-emerge into life, full of hope and excited about their future again - because with the right support, you and your family can thrive again!

How can we help you?

Couples Therapy
Female Patient

CSA Family Support

Therapy & Counselling

Supporting families with phycological education and equipping them to handle challenging childhood behaviour.

Qualified and experienced team coming alongside parents/carers to help them unpack the events and learn to thrive again.

Support Group

Support Groups

New spaces to restore and refresh as parents/carers build friendships with others who really understand.

Business People Having Fun

Professionals Support

We help professionals with referral support, advice and partnerships with agencies and police to support families.


It's easy to refer to us whether it's for you or your client. Simply complete the relevant form below and return to us. We are very busy at present but usually respond to every request for support within 7 working days.


Terrific trustees are not only a necessity, but they make a real difference.
YOU could be the trustee superhero we need!

We're looking for new trustees to join our friendly team and help make the lives of families so much better. We are a team that stands with families following a disclosure and we help them with compassionate emotional and therapeutic support.


Trustees help make that possible by keeping us on the straight and narrow and give their views and skills to make us a stronger and better charity.

We would love to hear from you if...

  • You're located anywhere in the UK

  • Can volunteer a couple of hours every few months

  • You have any sort of professional or life experience (doesn't need to be related at all!)

  • You want to know your time is making a real difference to people in their darkest hours

For information about joining us, it's a simple process and the info can be found in this pack and form:


We're a small UK charity with a BIG financial challenge... and we could do with your help!

Giving Hope.

My world was turned upside down. ACTS FAST was the only place I felt safe to talk about what I was going through without fear of judgment. I didn’t feel like I deserved any help as I was feeling so guilty, that I failed to protect my child.


"I felt alone and helpless. You were there for me and understood exactly what I was going through. Thank you ACTS FAST!"

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Join Us

Empower Families And Change Lives


We work with a wide and diverse range of wonderful partners to support families. Some are funders, some are service partners. We are ever so thankful for their incredible support, financial contributions and professional partnership.

We are particularly thankful for the incredible generosity of The National Lottery for their life saving financial support which is helping make all of this possible. Thank you National Lottery!

We have more being added, here's just a small selection:

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Lord Leuitenant of Dorset - Mr Campbell.jpg

HM Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset
Mr Angus Campbell

We are delighted to have the continued support of Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset - Mr Angus Campbell.

Angus Campbell served for many years in the Army Air Corps. Since then he has focused on his farming interests and local politics. He served as Leader of both North Dorset District and Dorset County Councils. He was Chair of the Dorset Olympic Board and of the Strategic Leaders Board for the South West. He has also been a Governor of several schools in the County.

Mr Campbell was appointed to represent the Crown in Dorset and we are delighted to have such an experienced and dedicated individual connected with supporting families affected by CSA ad IVOII here in Dorset. We are very thankful for HM Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset's continued support and encouragement.

Robert Montagu 2021.jpg

Robert Montagu

We are delighted to have the honourable support of Mr Robert Montagu as a Patron of ACTS FAST.

Robert has a wealth of experience in supporting families going through some of their most challenging times. As a qualified counsellor and Systemic psychotherapist, he works with individuals, couples and families.

Robert is passionate about the recuperative power of all people to respond to life crises and overcome difficulties at every level. His work builds on the natural ability everyone has to rise to challenges even when they seem impossible. As a professional skilled in Non-profit Organisations, coaching, family therapy, strategic planning, and medicine we are delighted to have him a part of the team! Robert also supports the fantastic work of The Family Counselling Trust.

Jonathan McKinney.JPG

Jonathan  McKinney

Jonathan is a key suporter and alley of the charity, having an extensive and comprehensive background in policing and safeguarding.

Jonathan spent over 29 years in the police force, having spent a significant amount of that time investigating serious crimes against children and at risk adults. His experience included specialising in interviewing children and adults with learning disabilities and communications challenges. His work also included active paedophile investigations and  sex offender management with the police.


Jonathan now leads the team at Training Matters Dorset, equipping a range of professionals in all safeguarding matters for children and adults. He is an expert trainer in safeguarding and we are delighted to have him as a Patron of ACTS FAST.